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Sample Cadrail Layouts

Double Day

s_r_300.gif (70 bytes)

HO Scale

8' x 10'

Requires Cadrail 10

Here is a fun layout where the track crosses over itself in a dog bone dog leg.  :)

There is plenty of room to expand this one with yards or even double track main lines.

Most of the layout area is easily reached from the inside while the action takes place around you.

The Drawing is another nice example of how easy it is to layout your ideas. If you put a little time in the drawing it pays off in both ideas and preventing problems.



 Plan View

 3d View



Double Day.zip (53 kb)


ThIs file requireS Cadrail Version 10.0.2 or the Cadrail Demo to view and print.

How to use these self-extracting files




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